He said “If you open your mouths 40 million will become 80 million”. This is how Serzhi Vacho has forced his former accountant to pay him money

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“Anti-Corruption Blog” has learned how Serzhi Vacho and his wife have extorted 40 million drams from the former chief accountant  of their Yans restaurant. The family of the terrorized woman had to sell their apartment, pawn  their  jewelry and got into debt  to  earn  the money that Vacho  forced to pay. With the help of the Veles NGO  two crime claims were drawn up based on the information provided by Susanna Aristakesyan. A  report  on crime  was sent to the Investigative Committee of RA  about the criminal actions  by Ruzanna Beglaryan against  Susanna Aristakesyan.   In the report Susanna Aristakesyan accuses Ruzanna Beglaryan of extortion and the threat of her life. A crime report on the criminal inaction of the SIS Investigator was submitted to the National Security Service (NSS). Taking into consideration the fact that Vachagan Ghazaryan is in freedom and has a close relationship with various criminal authorities, Susanna Aristakesyan has  serious concerns  on her and her family’s safety. Such criminal inactivity during the investigation of such specific criminal cases may lead to irreversible consequences Details on the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lxLW8hLO7w

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